Backbone for the
Internet of Things

IOTA is a transactional settlement and data integrity layer for the Internet of Things.

It is based on a new blockless distributed ledger architecture: The Tangle – which is scalable, lightweight, without any fees and provides a consensus in a decentralized peer-to-peer system. These features make IOTA and its Tangle perfect for nanopayments and the Machine-to-Machine Economy.

At grandcentrix we are researching concrete applications with real-world customers.


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Our Full Nodes

All our public full nodes run on 8 - 12 Cores with 64 GB RAM and are operated 24x7 in West Europe, APAC and the US with virtually unlimited bandwidth. We keep nodes fully synced shortly after we fire them up. We are also connected to the swarm nodes. If you are looking for neighbors, feel free to contact us.

Contact the grandcentrix IOTA team

We are actively seeking opportunities to partner with industry leading companies.